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Technical Consulting

metalogika offers holistic consulting services over the entire product life cycle - from determining the economic framework data, deriving the "right" product features,
R&D project setup, technical implementation to market launch.

We are specialists in electronic products for industrial automation and related market segments and know the product business from all relevant perspectives - as a project manager, product manager, developer, manager and user!

Examples of consulting activities in the product business:

  • Determination of the economic framework data
    Many products do not achieve the economic expectations placed on them. Today's product landscape is characterized by shorter product life cycles and a high variety of variants - with the consequence of decreasing revenues per variant. We analyze together with you and question critically - which quantities are achievable, what manufacturing costs must be achieved, how much R&D budget is economically viable.

  • Requirements engineering
    Far too often, the development projects begin before the requirements are written carefully. Frequent change requests, design changes, long project times and a high level of frustration in the project team are the result. Even if a certain agility in requirements engineering is appropriate, a development project needs a stable basis. The increased effort at the beginning of the project is offset by a more stable course of the project. We don't make science out of the subject - the "right products" exist often already in the minds of the various stakeholders. In practice it is rather lacking to systematically tap these sources and transfer it to a solid requirements specification.

  • Project planning and implementation
    No project goes exactly according to plan. Nevertheless, with a sense of proportion and an eye on the realities the project planning contributes significantly to the achievement of the set goals.
    Which resources are available, which experiences are available in the project team, which risks and problems are to be expected?
    The project plan and the derived measures must take these specific factors into account and achieve a reasonable compromise between top-down-planning and individual degrees of freedom 
    for the project team.

  • Support during product development
    Development service or consulting this is not a question for us. You have your own resources on board and would like the project to develop the competencies of your team?
    Using experienced consultants, be it developers or project managers keep your external costs  low.  The core know-how is kept internal and you still benefit from the experience collected over decades and dozens of projects.

  • Support for IEC 61508 assessment
    In safety projects, another challenge arises with the external assessment. The abstract nature of IEC 61508 often leads to different interpretations between test center and development team. Key here is project-specific interpretation of IEC 61508 and its pro-active coordination with the test center. In addition to technical expertise, deep understanding of the entire IEC 61508 communicative skills, paired
    with tact is required.
    We are happy to take over the interface to the assessor and ensure that the development team can focus on the implementation of IEC 61508.