Business Consulting


Metalogika provides consulting services to investors and corporations alike, enabling them to develop a comprehensive business and investment strategy and getting a better understanding of their market.

Southeast Asia is the 5th biggest market in the World and Indonesia is its largest market with 270 million mostly young people. Indonesia hosts immense opportunities, spanning from rich natural resources, a huge workforce, expanding middle class, to openness to digital market.

Navigating this country with its geographic spread, diverse ethnicities and a vibrant democracy often requires deep insights and a vast network.

Metalogika's consultants have broad experiences and background in Indonesia's private and government sectors. Our expertise and network of information enable us to assist clients in developing effective strategies to be successful in entering Indonesias.



Doing business in a new country needs a comprehensive research and thorough preparations. Despite being one of the most wanted investment destinations and all the improvements in the Ease of Doing Business report, Indonesia is not the easiest country for foreign investors. There are still implementation gaps between regulations issued by the central government and the application in the regional level that can pose a challenge for investors. 

A good reliable local advisor is crucial to help you navigate the regulations in Indonesia.  

We offer various services to assist foreign companies in identifying and seizing the opportunities that Indonesia has to offer ranging from sector specific information to setting up a business. Metalogika provides in-depth knowledge and business intelligence about Indonesia.

Initial Consultation & Workshop

Major goal in this phase is an understanding of the customers status quo and its overall business targets. Based on that an individual procedure and set of measures is elaborated.

This is typically done in (online)-workshop, often enriched by first training course.

Market Intelligence

The objective is obtaining a deeper understanding of how Indonesia market works, its potentials and best market entry strategy relevant to your products/services by gathering up-to-date information, opportunities, challenges, and future development plan of the targeted industry.

Partner Search

Aims to find the most suitable and reliable local partner(s) for your company based on your criteria. It reduces your cost and time in comparison to identifying yourself without any support.

Business Delegation

Business Delegation consists of flexible modules and can be tailored to the needs of the visiting businesses. We develop the most suitable program including pre-assessment of local market, meeting stakeholders and future local partner, seminar, and take over all the logistics arrangements involved.

Market support in startup-phase

Our range of services does not end after your company is founded.
Depending on your needs, metalogika consultant individually support you in expanding your business.

Training Courses

We offer training courses for various topics related to doing business in Indonesia (e.g. cultural awareness training, legal & taxation, socio-economic parameters, society and history, etc)

Planning and accompanying the IPO

In case of founding an public listed company in Indonesia, we can support you along the whole IPO-procedure, from xxx to being listed on the Jakarta stock exchange.